The COIN of Innovation: Function Manager

Tarot 03 Coin of Innovation The COIN of Innovation: Function Manager

You know that it is not about cost-cutting anymore. You feel that you are as lean and as efficient as possible. Last year you implemented your business as usual programme where you segregated work into lower and higher value. You carried out a full-scale review of your advisers and decided to concentrate your purchasing for BAU work into one supplier. And yet, for some reason, six months into the programme, the savings have not been quite as satisfying as you hoped. You are wondering, what next?

We see that it is actually quite difficult to be unilateral and concentrate legal work in the hands of one supplier. Many in-house legal teams have considered the Tyco route but then they realise that it is not appropriate to be so extreme. Sometimes it is better to put BAU work into the hands of, say, three suppliers with different skills-sets. The next question then is how best to co-ordinate them to deliver a joined-up service? What is the next stage from the one supplier to just a few more?


We hope you found our divination of your innovation profile uncannily accurate…


However, if you’re interested in a different approach to understanding how innovation works in your department and how you compare to the market leaders, RSG Consulting has developed an in-house innovation benchmark.which you can access here.

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