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The Eversheds Board Report: The Effective Board

Eversheds Board Report the effective board 445x178 The Eversheds Board Report: The Effective Board

The latest Eversheds Board Report was released today.

Carrying on from the first report published in 2011, the research was expanded to cover 542 companies and the number of board directors interviewed doubled. The findings give a new take on what makes an Effective Board. The unique correlations analysis that RSG designed and carried out reveals that there are some board characteristics that have a positive relationship to share price performance. Smaller boards correlated with better share price performance in both the Eversheds reports whilst the presence of more executives on the board was also a feature of better performing companies. The latter finding presents a conundrum as the ratio that seems to drive this better performance is bigger than the one currently advised by corporate governance rules. Furthermore, the research found that the number of executives serving on boards was decreasing.

These are just a taster of the findings. For a full copy of the report go to

RSG Consulting designed the concept behind the report, carrying out the empirical research and the all analyses. Its client Eversheds has released the report to great media interest featuring in the Today programme and other broadsheets worldwide.