The CUP of Innovation: Risk Manager

Tarot 02 Cup of Innovation The CUP of Innovation: Risk Manager

Compliance is now occupying 70% of your day job. The company has been through a major fraud investigation. You have set up a special Bribery unit and the check lists are in place. But deep down inside you worry that these are still box-ticking exercises and that the business is not yet culturally convinced. There is a new CEO who has given you a mandate to make it happen. You have a presentation to the Board coming up. What do you want to tell them? And more importantly – what do you want them to invest in? Is it training?  Do you take the cup half-full approach or do you take the cup half-empty stance? What will galvanise them into action the most?

A new approach to risk is permeating many multi-nationals. The GC often has to spearhead or take a leading role in the task force to give compliance teeth. We see there have been two camps: the GCs who have felt that process triumphed principles and others that say there is no substitute for intuition. What have been the most effective ways of delivering robust risk management? What experiences have other GCs who have been through a similar road to yours taken to get on top of this issue?


We hope you found our divination of your innovation profile uncannily accurate…


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