FT US Innovative Lawyers Report 2013

FTIL US 2013 Summary 445x158 FT US Innovative Lawyers Report 2013

The 2013 FT Innovative Lawyers US Report presents RSG’s most thorough analysis of the US legal market to date. This year, along with the clients and partners of more than 50 leading firms, RSG has spoken to some of the world’s most innovative in-house legal teams and their CEOs, with Google, Monsanto, Honeywell, Prologis, LinkedIn and Yahoo all sharing their thoughts on innovation.

While the credit crisis continues to cast a shadow over the US market, 2013 also saw a return of confidence among lawyers and their clients. This was powered in part by the steady growth of investment into the US by foreign companies and 2013 FTIL US Report pays special attention to the work lawyers have done to facilitate these cross-border deals. With foreign strategic buyers involved in some of the biggest and most complex deals this year, lawyers on both sides of the table had to collaborate to keep legal structures viable and business relationships strong. Collaboration in its many forms stood out as a strong driver of innovation in the legal market once again. RSG has started thinking about how collaboration can help firms improve their performance [Collaboration Deconstructed] and in early 2014 will begin a major research project with Harvard Law School to investigate the links between collaboration and innovation in the legal profession in greater detail.

Aside from the more eye-catching multibillion-dollar deals, we were also pleased to see a number of submissions that focused on more esoteric matters and the technical innovations lawyers have introduced. Since the first FT Innovative Lawyers Report in 2006, RSG has celebrated original ideas in the legal market. With thanks to all the firms that have submitted their ideas to us this year, this Report celebrates the most original ideas we have seen in 2013.

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