RSG has pioneered a new way to capture and analyse law firm culture, using a bespoke cultural analysis, the RSG Brand & Culture Decode, derived from extensive research for the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers reports.

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Why is culture so important? It is a key factor in the sustainable success of business. But in people industries such as the law, it is critical. It is the glue that holds a firm together. It is the fuel that drives implementation of strategy. It is the springboard from which a firm can differentiate itself from competitors. After eleven years of researching innovation in the international legal profession, we realize it is the key ingredient behind how a firm innovates and how it keeps innovating.

But what is culture in law firms? And why is it so difficult for law firm managers to define it, without resorting to platitudes? Culture in law firms is how lawyers behave with each other, their clients and community. It is how they combine together to choose their clients, pursue their strategies and come up with solutions. Culture in law firms is often dictated by the behaviors and beliefs of the equity partners and leadership team.

RSG’s research for the FT Innovative Lawyers reports puts us in a privileged position where we dive into the best work a firm has done, we speak to the clients about it and we speak to the partners. We compare it to the best work of a hundred other firms. We examine the behaviors of top partners as they deliver career-defining work, the role of the firm and the experience of the client in those moments. It is a 180-degree reveal of the firm’s culture in action as evinced by leaders of the firm.





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