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 An ideas exchange for General Counsel

About the Innovative GC Club

What is it? An independent professional group of innovative international General Counsel.

What does it do? The purpose of the Club is to act as a professional support group to GCs who are interested in cutting-edge thinking and doing things differently. It allows General Counsel to get together to share ideas and experiences with a view to capturing them and creating a bank of intelligence and insights that are available to other interested General Counsel.

How does it work? The Innovative GC Club website  is a forum through which General Counsel can share ideas, exchange views and develop insights. Discussion dinners, webinars and informal socials are also organised throughout the year and, of course, members are encouraged to meet and talk with each other outside formal Club channels. General Counsel set the agenda, with additional items being provided by RSG Consulting and Allen & Overy, the founding sponsor of the Club. RSG will act as membership secretary and as researcher for the members.

Who can be a member? The initial criteria for entry into the Club is to be ranked in the FT Innovative Lawyers report but it is not exclusive and the Club is open to GCs who genuinely want to share ideas about best practice and improving the in-house legal function. If a General Counsel who has not been ranked in the FT Innovative Lawyers report wants to become a member they either need to be recommended by an existing member or should apply to RSG Consulting with an idea or experience they would like to share with the Club.

Sponsor: Allen & Overy is the founding sponsor of the Innovative GC Club. Allen & Overy was the winner of the “Most Innovative Law Firm in Europe” in the 2012 FT Innovative Lawyers report, the only law firm to reach No.1 three times since the rankings were launched in 2007 and the only law firm to be in the top three each year since the rankings were launched.

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