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Over the past eight years, we have interviewed over 6,000 lawyers and their clients and tracked the lives of the most innovative individuals in law. The photographs above represent 120 of the most innovative lawyers. They are the top 10 people that are chosen as standout every year and individually profiled in the FT reports.

Are there similarities that bind these lawyers? What makes them tick? Who are they? How do they innovate? How do they overcome obstacles from their organisations. We know the answers to these questions.

At RSG we have taken our research and created frameworks, exercises and development sessions to help lawyers become more innovative. These sessions can be rolled out to law firms and law departments and are a combination of generic learnings with bespoke training.

The sessions are followed-up with coaching and/or mentoring for a six-month period. During this time lawyers are mentored by RSG, affiliated coaches and previous FT innovators who help the lawyer gestate ideas and develop innovations. These could be simply about working on a specific client deliverable to bigger projects.

The emphasis of the development programme is to change lawyers’ mindsets. It will encourage them to harness their creativity for the benefit of their organisations and their own careers. In addition, ideas and innovations will be benchmarked against market standards to help lawyers understand how to differentiate themselves from peers.

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