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“Collaboration Deconstructed” Breakfast Event
London, United Kingdom, Wednesday 11 September

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Last week, RSG Consulting launched an exciting new project as Reena SenGupta hosted “Collaboration Deconstructed”, a breakfast event in collaboration with Harvard Business School, discussing the relationships between collaboration, business performance and innovation in law firms. A first of its kind in London, “Collaboration Deconstructed” gave guests a chance to hear two very different perspectives on the role of collaboration in thriving law firms.

Reena was joined by Heidi Gardner, Harvard Business School, who shared her latest research into how internal collaboration impacts business performance in a law firm. Backed by 10 years of extensive research into working relationships within a firm, Heidi’s presentation provided food for thought on how collaboration can increase average partner revenues, secure client loyalty, and build the culture of a firm.

Reena’s presentation drew on her own vast experience of the legal market and focused on the central role that collaboration plays in the best legal innovations, both in terms of driving creative legal ideas and helping to grow legal businesses. With a wealth of knowledge gathered over 11 FT Innovative Lawyers reports, Reena built on RSG Consulting’s own groundbreaking research, sharing with attendees her thoughts on the future of collaboration.

These thought-provoking presentations were followed by a lively Chatham House rules discussion in which guests voiced their opinions and shared their own experiences of collaboration in the legal profession.


If you would like to hear more about this dynamic discussion please contact Imogen Holden, or +44 (0)20 7033 9898.



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