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FT Innovative Lawyers Awards 2010
October 20th @ The Science Museum

The fourth Innovative Lawyers Awards honoured legal innovators with a collaborative twist.

FT Innovative Lawyers logo FT Innovative Lawyers Awards 2010

The 2010 Innovative Lawyers Awards, held at the London Science Museum, saw more than 400 noteworthy professionals in the legal community, including many of the leading firms’ managing and senior partners, come together to recognise those who have achieved honours.

The main awards took place in the IMAX theatre and was opened with a film featuring some of the most innovative European General Counsel talking about what they wanted from the profession.

Using the IMAX theatre rather than presenting the awards over a dinner allowed us to showcase the thinking behind the innovations and to explore what constitutes innovation in legal services from the perspective of the many clients and lawyers we interviewed in the research process.

RSG’s Managing Director, Reena SenGupta described the Awards’ central theme as being that of collaboration. “We selected this theme”, she said,  “because we could see that innovation in the legal sector was increasingly happening around relationships – and the ways that lawyers worked with their clients, their people, other lawyers, legal process outsourcers, the government, regulators, and emerging market clients.”

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