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The first FT US Innovative Lawyers Report launches

RSG Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of the first FT US Innovative Lawyers report on the 1 December. For the inaugural edition of the FT US Innovative Lawyers Report, we have focused on the work that lawyers do rather than the business of law. In this sense, the 2010 report is more about black-letter lawyering and the value that lawyers can bring to their clients rather than the state of innovation in the legal industry.

Law firms were invited to send examples of their work to the research team. These case studies were then analysed through client and lawyer interviews to identify and evaluate the legal innovation and commercial results. FT Innovative Lawyers is a comparative exercise so examples of work are benchmarked against each other to produce the tables in the report.

A fully searchable online version is available at the Financial Times’¬†dedicated microsite here:¬†

To find out more about the FT Innovative Lawyers project and the results of our research, please contact us.

To access more information about the project and the European editions, click here.