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Guidelines for the FT Innovative Lawyers 2015 – The 10th European Edition!

This year will mark the 10th edition of the FT Innovative Lawyers report. To commemorate a decade of investigation into innovation in the legal sector, the FT and its research partner RSG Consulting are broadening the analysis for the 2015 report.

The focus and format of the report’s introduction will change. Instead of an FT 50 listing, we will publish three law firm rankings: one that looks at the firms behind the top innovation in each of the 10 categories, one that looks at the 10 best-performing law firms in the FT report, and one that looks at the game-changers of the past 10 years.

There will be 10 categories in which law firms and other legal service providers will be able to submit. Five will cover the business of law and the other five will cover the legal expertise innovations developed by lawyers to solve their clients’ problems. Firms can submit a maximum of 10 submissions, five into the legal expertise section and five into the business of law section, ideally one per category. This year, we will feature the top 10 ranked innovations in detail and then publish a listing of the following 15 highly commended entries.

There will be a separate section for in-house legal departments, which will cover the top company legal functions, a selection of individual in-house innovators, and legal functions that have achieved significant operational transformation. (Detailed guidelines for this section are provided separately.) However, for the first time, in-house lawyers will be invited to also submit to the five legal expertise categories detailed in these guidelines, to reflect the growing ranks of specialists practising in-house.

As with all the reports in the FT Innovative Lawyers series – which now cover North America and the Asia-Pacific region – the opinion of the “purchaser” or “user” of legal services will inform the rankings. These will continue to be generated by the unique research methodologies devised by RSG. The editorial content will continue to be informed by the insights of FT journalists.

The full guidelines can be accessed here: FT Innovative Lawyers – Europe 2015 submission guidelines