The Client’s Revolution

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In a sequel to the 21st Century Law Firm report commissioned by Eversheds, RSG followed up with another study into the impact of the recession on the legal market. ‘The Client’s Revolution’ was published by the firm in 2010 and received press coverage around the globe. It’s main message, that the balance of power in the profession has irrevocably changed in favour of the clients, was met with a mixture of reactions from lawyers.

However, the actual report ran to 200 pages, and minutely investigated the views of 130 clients world-wide in in-depth interviews as well as 50 law firm partners. The research was illuminating particularly when compared to our findings for the 21st Century Law Firm report two years earlier.

In 2008, private practice lawyers were complacent, sanguine about the Legal Services Act in the UK and resistant to the whole idea of outsourcing. Now, most law firms are outsourcing in some way, or at least embracing the concept of un-bundling their services whilst private practice lawyers are decidedly aware of their clients’ concerns (even if they are not actually addressing them).

A summary of the full report is available from Eversheds.

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