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Tarot 01 Sword of Innovation The SWORD of Innovation: Thought Leader

You work for a major multinational but you are fed-up with the homogeneity of the law firms that pitch to you. The continued lack of diversity is a frustration and you compare the UK un-favourably with the US. The Americans’ use of quotas looks as though it has delivered results. You want to try it. But who in the profession will help you take action? There are many law firms, dozens of debates – talking shops that seem destined to remain just that.

One or two major legal purchasers in Europe have begun to demand diversity stats but it remains at the early stage adoption. How can you shift it into the bell curve? (Actually, we don’t know the answer to that one but we’d like to join-up like-minded general counsel to find out.)


We hope you found our divination of your innovation profile uncannily accurate…


However, if you’re interested in a different approach to understanding how innovation works in your department and how you compare to the market leaders, RSG Consulting has developed an in-house innovation benchmark.which you can access here.

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