The WAND of Innovation: Strategic Adviser

Tarot 04 Wand of Innovation The WAND of Innovation: Strategic Adviser

You feel that you sit at the top table. You speak to the CEO every day, your office is just down the corridor. Your team are fully embedded in the business units. You have put the strategy into adviser. But there is more that you feel you could be doing. What you wonder do other in-house legal teams do? Is the answer to take the responsibility for more corporate functions such as government affairs? The CEO has floated the idea of you taking on corporate communications but your relationship with the comms director is bumpy.

There is a market trend to more functionality and a bigger role for in-house functions in an organisation. Whilst this is a reflection of the efficacy of the in-house legal team and the respect in which the business regards it, taking on other functions could be a poisoned chalice. It may not deliver the fulfilment you seek.  There may be other ways to deepen the strategic role of your legal function.


We hope you found our divination of your innovation profile uncannily accurate…


However, if you’re interested in a different approach to understanding how innovation works in your department and how you compare to the market leaders, RSG Consulting has developed an in-house innovation benchmark.which you can access here.

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